Monday, November 10, 2008

I'll Admit It...I Sort Of Like GOOP

Around the age of 14, I went through a Gwyneth Paltrow phase. Essentially, I wanted to be her, or her then-best friend, Winona Ryder. I suppose they were sort of the refined, late-90s version of Paris and Nicole, this time with matching outfits and short, cropped hair. I loved their style: long flowing dresses matched with tomboy haircuts and blazers. Of course the boys on their arms--Ben and Matt before they were "Ben And Matt"--were also envied. For some time, I wore a fake diamond solitaire necklace, green cargo pants and grey, black and white t-shirts, which I believed all gave off an air of Gwyneth. I also watched several of her and Wynona's movies, most importantly, fashion-wise, Sliding Doors, Emma and Reality Bites (the latter still influences my style choices today).

But after Gwyneth moved to London, had some babies and got a stylist, I started to find her a bit offensive. She was no longer an icy cool girl, who happened to be famous, but a glossy A-lister with nothing better to do than show up in the Stars: They're Just Like Us! section of Us Weekly. Her two latest endeavors--a TV show with chef Mario Batali--and GOOP, a lifestyle Web site that offers readers tips on how to live like Gwynnie--are both pretty damn ridiculous. Spain: On The Road Again follows G with MB as well as some Spanish actress and New York Times food writer Mark Bittman. On GOOP, you can cull advice from Gwyneth's personal physicians, gain tips on how to put together your autumn wardrobe and even find out what museums the actress is planning on taking her kids to this season.

But I have to say, while I can't seem to let myself enjoy the television show, GOOP, on the other hand, is getting to me. Cause you know, when it comes down to it, Gwyneth still has that thing going on where she seamlessly blends the down to earth personality of an Upper West Side Jew with the unapproachable beauty of an Upper East Side Blond. The truth is, her doctors have interesting things to say, and I love her wardrobe picks! Fortunately, I don't want to be her anymore, but I want to be like her. Kind of.

(This image is of Gwyneth back in 1997, when I idolized her.)