Sunday, April 5, 2009

Weekend Wear for the Young and Modern

In high school, in college, even in the first couple years of work, women have a distinctly different wardrobe for weekdays and weekends. Weekday looks are cute and calm; the weekend is when you show off your newest, freshest duds, whether at a friend's house party or indie night at the local club. That new vintage dress, pastel silk blouse or zany-colored tights are most impressive when you're out and about, not stuck at a desk.

By our mid-20s, we're likely to be more confident in our position in the workplace, which means we start to show off our personality a bit more through dress. That also means wearing your favorite weekend looks on the weekdays. For instance, I wear dresses and skirts to work regularly, often paired with red, purple or pink tights, sky-high platforms and frilly blouses. Other days I'm more subdued in jeans, a button down and Keds, loafers or pumps. It's nice to get great use out of the clothes I've invested in.

But here's the thing: Now that I wear all my star pieces to the office, I'm kind of at a loss for what to wear on the weekends. By Saturday, I'm sick of wearing tights and frankly, even nice jeans. I'd like to spend those 48 hours in sweats. And while I do indeed where sweats often, I'm often looking for something a bit more. Because let's face it: The reason why we consider certain clothes special is because they make us feel special. Thus, I'd like to find some unique, comfortable weekend wear, meaning clothes that I wouldn't want to flaunt at work but enjoy wearing on my days off.