Thursday, September 11, 2008

Getting A Seat At A-List Shows

As a member of the business press, some designers deem me important, others certainly do not. Therefore I get invited to some excellent shows without requesting a seat. Others, on the other hand, I'd have to beg for if I wanted to go. (Hello, MJ!)

This year, I requested only one invite--Phillip Lim-- a show I've attended for four seasons now but have never officially been invited to. Every year, I'm stuck with a last-minute standing assignment. (For many, a "standing" assignment is the kiss of death, but I have been willing to suffer through those 15 minutes of rubbernecking to get a first-hand glimpse of Lim's new collection.)

The big guns came out for this one, including my idol Suzy Menkes, as well as the Voguettes and Nina Garcia and every single buyer on the earth, since his stuff does so well in retail. I am proud to announce I did get seated this year, and my spot wasn't too awful!

The clothes were pretty good (wouldn't the above dress suit me well?), but couldn't touch Narciso Rodriguez's collection, which really impressed. I think I might just email their pr girl about Fall 2009 seating right now...

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