Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Why Are Sales So Good?

Allow me to put my financial reporter hat on for one moment:

Sales this summer are so great because the economy isn't so great, and less people want to spend money on the middle market. People are either trading up or trading down, which means they're wearing Target or Zac Posen, and nothing in between.

Reporter hat off:

Get thee to Barneys, or Nordstrom or your favorite indie boutique NOW! I got this Mayle blouse at the Co-op for 80% off, and at Bird I scored a Mociun skirt for half the original price. If you love designers like Lyell, Mayle, Alexander Wang and Phillip Lim--all mid-market favorites--you'll be able to score in the stores. However, sizes are always limited, so be prepared to do a LOT of shopping.

What are some of your best buys this summer? Share in the comment section below.

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