Thursday, July 31, 2008

Is Expensive Food a Trick or Treat?

Soooo. As I'm sure all of you know, Saturday is my birthday. I am looking forward to a leisurely dinner with friends then a nice, celebratory party with even more friends.

The night before, the bf and I are going to dinner at Scarpetta in Manhattan. It's a new Italian spot helmed by a hip chef--the place received THREE STARS from Frank Bruni at the New York Times. I think that means it's good? One of the signature dishes is foie gras ravioli. Sounds a bit too rich for me, but we'll see tomorrow night!

The prices are moderate, meaning the meal will cost about $120 for the two of us--since we don't do wine--but really, is one meal worth it?

This is the question I ask myself again and again. Sure the food will (hopefully) be impressive, the atmosphere buzzy, but whether or not my lovely, generous bf should be spending that much for a romantic dinner is undecided. But I suppose I should feel lucky that I even have the choice.


Molly said...

How was it?

Lauren said...

Yumm. More later.