Wednesday, December 5, 2007

Bye Bye To Wayfarers? Not Just Yet...

Let us pray that Ray-Ban wayfarers do not go the way of the trucker hat. To see those icons of cool stuffed into the book of Burnt Hipster Fads would sadden me greatly. Mostly because I still love the look of wayfarers.

Before now, I've bought the cheap five dollar knock-offs on the street. Why? One, because I'm inclined to believe paying an exorbitant amount for sunglasses is silly. Two because wayfarers are not only made by Ray-Ban -- like aviators, they're not trademarked, so any other company can design a pair (I feel this relieves me of any guilt I might feel for buying a knock-off).

However, I think I'm ready to finally take the plunge and buy a pair of fancy sunglasses. If wayfarers disappear from the pop culture lexicon next year, I know that it will only take a decade for them to return. This red and black pair from retro super future accessories may seem a bit too early '90s to you, but I'm personally willing to take that risk. I promise I won't pair them with bicycle shorts.

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