Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Gifting Lesson #2: Buy For Them

It's hard not to buy a gift that you would love to receive yourself.

But unless you and your friend/relative/coworker have remarkably similar tastes, it's probably not the best of ideas. Instead, think about their interests and preferences. As much as I adore the new Band of Outsiders for Sperry Topsiders, my college age cousins would like nothing more than a new pair of Chuck Taylors. Pink polo wearers, they are not. And for my mother's new home, nothing speaks to me as Florence Broadhurst's wallpaper does. However, Mom would much prefer a batik table runner. Her tastes run more '60s hippie than '50s housewife.

This holiday season, I vow to suck-it-up and buy the gifts my loved-ones really want. Even if that means buying my Grams another Rachel Ray cookbook. Oy.

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