Monday, November 5, 2007

Confession: I Hate The Beach

No, it's not because I'm uncomfortable in a bathing suit. Or because there are too many kids running around (although that does factor in occasionally). I hate the beach because it's sandy. It's salty. And most importantly, it somehow seems easier to develop a sunburn on the beach than by the pool.

That's probably not proven to be true -- but it sure feels true.

This summer, I took my first trip to the Hampton's, marking my first venture onto Long Island (yikes!) as well as the debut of my black 1950s pinup bathing suit. As much as I loved sporting the halter suit with strategic ruching, I didn't love the pile of sand that came out of my hair, in between my toes -- and other regions I won't mention -- whilst in the shower. I also didn't love my silly tan lines (which are still, amazingly, in place five months later) and most importantly, I didn't enjoy having to dip my feet in freezing cold salt water to stop from profusely sweating.

I hate to be down on sunshine and fine living in general, but give me a smokey cafe in Paris over a white beach in Ibiza any day.

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