Thursday, November 1, 2007

Getting in Thigh Deep

As I sit at my desk, pulling up my tights, I wish that I had worn my thigh-highs.

That's right. I predominantly wear opaque thigh-highs during the winter in lieu of tights. Sure, they have a "sexy" connotation, but what they should really be known for is comfort. No more bulges, adjusting and wriggling. My gut doesn't get sucked in, but you know what? I deal with that just fine all summer long, so why not during the winter? It sure beats the itchy Lycra that often cuts a less-than-attractive figure.

Sure, there are some days that you have to wear full-on tights, and for those, I say go with the Spanx's high-waisted version. They reach all the way up to your bra so that there's no strange gapes. And for thigh-highs try, Givenchy's 40 denier version.

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