Tuesday, January 8, 2008

Dillusions of Grandeur

As of late, I've been having these intense daydreams about winning the lottery, planning out specifics on how I would spend the money. Top purchase? Brownstone in Carroll Gardens, Brooklyn. Maybe even the one I live in right now. I'll buy it, gut it, and restore the roof so that we can have parties up there without the worry that someone my fall off the sloping edge.

What would you spend your millions on if you won the lottery? And no, you can't say anything about establishing a charitable fund in your name. It has to be something ludicrous, like buying a $4 million dollar brownstone :).


Anonymous said...

Custom-made Bottega Veneta intrecciato walls.

jenny said...

you live in carrol gardens? that's where i used to live. i've been trying to answer all my old e-mails from months ago, and i found one from you with a link to your blog. i'm really enjoying reading through your blog archives. so much so that i've stayed up way too late.

Anonymous said...

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K guys thanks. Hope to hear your feedback alright? Bye :D