Thursday, October 25, 2007

Broke and the City

I'm always broke. No matter how much or how little money gets deposited into my checking account each month, I somehow manage to spend it all. Sure, I can blame in on New York City, but let's get down to the real root of the cause: two gentlemen with the surnames of Hennes and Mauritz.

Whether I'm throwing it away at H&M or "investing" it at Chanel, I spend quite a bit of money on clothes. That's why I love this new blog started up by a couple of friends. It's called City Broke and features a frugal city dweller alongside a big spender. The latest post by blogger ISave lists the things she won't spend money on in New York. I'm in agreement with her choices, particularly when it comes to brand name toilet paper and wine over $15. Gives you more cash to blow on new boots, right?

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