Monday, October 1, 2007

Latest Obsession: Gossip Girl

For some reason, the Fall 2007 lineup has brought me back to the boob tube for the first time in ages. Not since Six Feet Under have I made an effort to tune in, even if -- this time around -- I'm watching from my Power Book rather than an actual television.

My new favorite is the CW's Gossip Girl. My, how I wish I didn't have an aversion to reading books I think I could write myself, because that young adult series must contain some killer teen smut.

Brought to us by the, ahem, "creative genius" behind The OC, Josh Schwartz, I think I like Gossip Girl so much because A. the characters tend to speak in the same ridiculous pseudo intellectual tone favored on Dawson's Creek, B. the lead actress, Blake Lively, has some serious potential and C. the fashion on this show is going to explode. There have been a couple of missteps (an adorable Vena Cava blouse paired with bad boots and tacky American Eagle shorts) but come on, B's mother is a fashion designer! They shop at Bergdorf's! Watch out, L.C., Sabrina Van Der Woodsen might just kick you off the Carrie Bradshaw throne.

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Molly said...

Lauren, Annmarie and I love this show too! There is a pair of knee high grey boots that Serena wears in the 3rd episode that we think are fantastic. Also, we love Daniel (the love interest). He played the younger brother in John Tucker Must Die and is currently our young Hollywood crush at the moment.