Monday, October 8, 2007

Time's Style and Design Issue

Sometimes, when I think about who I want to be when I grow up, I had have more than a difficult time deciding. On certain days, it's the International Herald Tribune's Suzy Menkes. Her prose style can be topped by none -- it's honest, concise and colorful all at once. I particularly enjoyed her critique of the Marc Jacob's show. She was the only journalist with enough guts to say what everyone else was thinking.

On others, my admiration falls to Teri Agins of The Wall Street Journal. Her advice column, which dissects trends that readers have questions about -- like patent leather -- looks at the trend's history, its current usages and ways to tastefully wear it. Unlike any women's magazine you might pick up, there's no silly jargon or silly answers -- just straightforward simplicity.

Today, my hero is Kate Betts. She's the journalist who infamously took over the editor-in-chief role at Harper's Bazaar in 1999 after Liz Tilberis' passing, only to be fired after supposedly taking Renee Zellweger off of a cover, saying that she was too fat in her post-Bridget Jones state.

I disliked Betts from then on, but her editorship of Time magazine's Style and Design Issue has steered me in another direction. Betts pens many of the articles, and her small team thinks up new ways to look at and analyze trends -- whether that's in luxury, textiles, industrial design, etc.

Pick up a copy of the Fall 2007 issue before they take it off of the shelves -- you'll love the piece on Nordic cuisine, as well as a look at the most popular luxury brands.

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