Tuesday, October 30, 2007

A Healthy Dose of Gossip

I'm a sucker for gossip. Maybe it's just my natural curiosity coming out in full force, but there's something titillating about knowing the so-called facts before anyone else does.

The lines between journalism and gossip continue to blur, with blogs breaking news and national publications writing cover stories on rag-worthy personalities. As a fledgling journalist, I often wonder what will be better for my career -- this blog or my full-time job at a respected Web site.

But enough about media ethics. The real fun in gossip is that the characters breaking the news are often more interesting than the secrets they divulge. Style.com has put together a clever little gallery of history's greatest gossips, including Walter Winchell and Toby Young.

One word of advice. When gossip gets gritty, step out of the ring. Anything too malicious will just make you queasy.

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