Thursday, August 30, 2007

Barneys Warehouse Sale? Underrated, In My Opinion

I've always avoided the infamous Barneys Warehouse sale. Twice per year, the luxury retailer rents out a space in Chelsea and drastically marks down goods from previous seasons. I've been told horror stories about this event:

1. Everything is about five seasons old, and picked-over.
2. The mark-downs aren't that incredible.
3. It's a cat-fight until the end.

I took a look-see on my way to the gym last night in order to find out what the fuss was all about. It's the end of the sale, which lasts two weeks, so I just assumed I would be starring at thousands of pairs those god-awful gingham Louboutin espadrilles every high-end retailer is trying to pawn off to their sale-seeking customers.

Untrue! Sure, I did see a couple pairs of those Louboutins, but I also found some printed Marni tshirts, a gorgeous dress from Brian Reyes and a Balenciaga blouse that I had salivated over when I first saw it on the shopping pages of Elle. I went with the blouse, which was marked down from $520 to $70.

If you're in NY this weekend, catch the sale on its final days. You might find your very own Balenciaga diamond in the rough.