Monday, August 20, 2007

Fine, Funny Papers

Fine writing paper is a little obsession of mine. I've worked at quite a few stationary shops in my years, from the big box Hallmark to the high-brow Rug Road Paper Company on Beacon Hill in Boston. Regardless, I've found very few stationers that live up to my standards. There are simply too many renditions of martinis, purses and high heels poorly sketched on pink and blue card stock.

However, a visit to Scaredy Cat on 5th ave in Park Slope was a pleasant surprise. They've got a great selection of cleverly illustrated cards, as well as beautiful wrapping paper and address books. I picked up a modernist kitchen clock (kidney shaped and deep red, with a timer for cooking) for my friend on her wedding day. (The hue matches her kitchen accessories perfectly)

Imogene, suggested by my one of my favorite bloggers, DesignSponge, also has an excellent selection. Not only are these pieces easy on the eye, but they're funny as well -- a rarity in the greeting card industry.

This card from Tennis, Anyone? is a particular favorite.

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