Thursday, August 23, 2007

Fashion Week: It's like Christmas! (More Booze, Less Presents)

I am whole-heartedly excited about Fashion Week this year. Per usual, I'm only attending a few shows, but my spare schedule consists of some key events, including the 3.1 Philip Lim show, Alexander Wang after party, Tim Hamilton presentation and the Gen Art Fresh Faces event, which I love covering.

At my day job, we're putting together our Fashion Week package, and I must say, it was truly a pleasure to interview designers this season.

Normally, the interview process is incredibly tiresome, simply because most designers have a vocabulary consisting of four phrases:

"It was all very organic."

"This year, I feel fashion is heading in a completely new direction."

"I was inspired by the 19__s."

and last but not least,


Not so with the smart group of creatives I worked with in preparation for my Spring 2008 stories. Katy Rodriguez, co-owner of Resurrection and designer of an eponymous fashion line (pictured right), chatted with me about showing outside of the tents, and why it's often a much better experience for the viewer, minus convenience factor.

I have to admit, I like going to the tents because it makes me feel like I'm in it, but they're lackluster. Presentations in the Meatpacking District and places like the Grand Ballroom in the Manhattan Center are more interesting, adding a bit of color to the show's story.

However, I'm not a fashion editor who must attend as many shows as humanly possible. If I was, I'd never want to leave the ease of Bryant Park, simply because I'm inherently lazy. Too bad they'll have to this year, with big names like Marc Jacobs showing elsewhere.

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