Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Stunning Revelation: I'm a Geek

Those of you who survey this blog -- and do not know me personally -- might be surprised to read that I'm a huge geek. Well, maybe you're not so surprised, but anyways, here's where this is going...

I never got into blog-reading until about three months ago when I signed up for Google Reader, an RSS reader. What is an RSS reader, pray tell? Essentially, it pulls the newest info from your favorite blogs, Web sites, etc. and lays it out on one easy-to-read page. If you want more info, you can click on the post's title and head back to the site of origin.

Google Reader not only keeps me up-to-date on fashion news, design trends and content my pridefully geeky blogger bf is working on, it also informs me of stuff that's actually important, like world wars and natural disasters. Lovely.

That's my tip for the day. I'll post something a little more entertaining later on this afternoon.

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