Wednesday, September 26, 2007

A Catfight Worth Mentioning

I really don't want to dedicate this blog to washed-up celebrities, but I can't help but gloat over the bit of Brit gossip I read this morning. Kate Moss and Sienna Miller finally went at it! Evidently, Kate accused Sienna of lifting her style at a friend's wedding reception on Saturday.

Can I just say I have been observing this for YEARS?

To be honest, I'm not the hugest KM fan -- she certainly has great street style, but her lack of personality irks me. However, it is quite clear to anyone that follows fashion in any capacity whatsoever that SM blatantly mimics looks Moss wore years before. Sienna resembles every other girl in London -- because every other girl in London copies Kate Moss!

I have one more little tidbit to add to this story. About two years ago, British Vogue editor Alexandra Schulman wrote an op-ed piece for an Irish newspaper entitled, "There's Only One Icon For Me -- And It's Kate."

In the piece, Schulman revealed that she will not let her staff use the word iconic in any capacity -- unless they are referring to Kate Moss. She goes on to say how we use the word iconic too freely in this age -- and in result, it's lost its weightiness.

This September, American Vogue editor Anna Wintour chose to feature Sienna Miller on the cover -- calling her an icon in bold text. Funny thing is, all of these women are British, but Wintour has lived here for years and Sienna's father is American.

Regardless, vote for Kate Moss in this battle. It's certainly not Miller Time in my book.

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Raquel Laneri said...

OMG! I hate Sienna Miller too. And I hate how everyone's an "icon" now. I think I wrote about this on my blog too.