Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Attention All Shoppers

I've officially made my first Etsy purchase. my friend Ann turned me onto this commerce site, which -- as I'm sure most of you know -- serves as something of an online bazaar, selling prints, original artwork, jewelry and even some clothing.

For just $8, I scored this Gocco bird print on the page of a French book. As a Francophile who also hasn't quite gotten over her love for Audubon sketches, this seemed like a reasonable investment. The bird comes from an original sketch by the artist as well.

And no, I couldn't have Gocco-ed this by myself. Have you ever tried to use a Gocco printer? It's not for the uncreative/creative type (those with creative ideas who are unable to express them in a visual manner). You know who you are. You're also called writers.

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