Monday, September 24, 2007

Sing a Song

I'm not a close follower of music -- which is why I've been dreading writing up my two music profiles for Amelia's Magazine. But tonight, I've decided to suck it up -- and finish it up.

Meanwhile, here is the music that I'm listening to today, whilst penning these profound words. Well, typing.

Wilco. My favorite is Summerteeth (album and song), but I also adore Being There, Part 2. Sunken Treasure is my favorite track on that one. Today, I actually listened to every one of their albums. Yeah, really.

Billy Bragg. Shall I Paint You a Picture? Beautiful song -- great, cockney accent.

Hold Steady. Stevie Nicks, Party Pit, First Night, and Boys and Girls in America. Reminds me of my boyfriend. And that his taste in music is pretty horrific, other than the Hold Steady. (sorry, dude)

Elliot Smith. Self-titled. For some reason, I do my best writing listening to this suicidal album.

Cyndi Lauper. When You Were Mine. Cyndi's version of the Prince song -- a little shout-out to my Ponies.

Johnny Cash with June Carter Cash. I'm Going To Jackson. I love their love. You can hear it in this song.

Talking Heads. And She Was, Love For Sale. They might be the best. Ever.

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