Thursday, September 13, 2007

People always ask me what kind of makeup I wear. This is a. because they think it looks good or b. because they think it looks ridiculous and have become fascinated by my clownish face. I'm hope the answer is a.

The truth is, I don't change my makeup routine much, and unlike most girls, I started out with lipstick, foundation and blush at 13, only recently moving into the world of eyeshadow, eyeliner and mascara. It's sort of a reverse evolution, I feel like a great deal of women focus on the eyes rather than the skin, cheeks and mouth.

So here are my mainstays and tips for wearing them:

Clinique Perfectly Real Makeup. If you don't need foundation, don't wear it. But I suffer from the occasional breakout as well as large pores and uneven skin tone, so I feel it's necessary. The great thing is, most people don't realize I wear foundation, which is the point.

Nars Orgasm Blush. To me, blush is the most underrated cosmetic. It instantly brightens any complexion, especially an imperfect one. My good friend Pam -- who happens to be one of the hippest, coolest people I know -- turned me on to this in college. It's honestly the best blush color ever -- peachy pink with shimmer. I think nearly ever skin tone looks great in it.

Mac Lip Conditioner. I'm a huge lipstick person, but I also love this balmy pot of color. No flaking lips, I promise. I have the conditioner nude -- the pink is beautiful as well.

Mac Mascara. Smells like rosewater and is great for everyday.

Dior Mascara in Electric Blue. With just a little blush and a pale lip, this looks really unique -- not scary, I promise.

Smith's Rosebud Salve. Not only is this a great clear balm, it also looks hot on eyes with a bit of shimmer gold eyeshadow.

Any shimmery nude eyeshadow. Brush on brow and cheek bones for a highlighter effect.

In terms of eyeliner, I still haven't found my one-and-only. Any suggestions?

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Molly said...

MAC has a smudge free eyeliner in a pencil. I like it much better than their regular eyeliner. It's worth trying out!