Wednesday, September 5, 2007

The Cheese Platter at Fashion Week

I've only been to a couple of shows thus far, but tonight at LAMB, I witnessed the appearance of the one and only....drum roll please...the hated Melrose from America's Next Top Model!!!

No, she wasn't modeling. She was just hanging on the arm of some dude who was sitting two seats over from me. Why, although I deny any interest in reality TV whatsoever, did I feel a certain delight -- and at the same time rage -- when I caught her out of the corner of my eye? That's a question for my shrink, I suppose.

Other cheesy sightings at the tents: ever-present Robert Verdi, Nylon Accessories Director Dani Stahl (still rocking peasant chic like it was Britain 2004), some woman with words written all over her jeans.

Cool sightings: Bazaar editor Glenda Baily, who -- if I am standing next to her at a party -- looks approachable enough to speak to, NYT's Cathy Horyn, Teen Vogue's Amy Astley, Gwen Stefani holding her babes (who wore headphones during the actual show), and lots of other people that I am too tired to remember. Oh, I saw Bam Margera at Koi after the show. Quality.

The clothes. I always love LAMB for it's signature Rastafarian/ska/prep/punk style, but I would rarely wear it. However, this year, I really appreciated the plaid boy blazers, navy cocktail dress and red, blue and white woven belt on the waist. Well done!

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