Monday, September 17, 2007

My Favorite Lady

I've been obsessed with Leslie Hall since my days in London. The sequin sweater lady was featured in Vice magazine, with 24 pocket-sized, school photo-inspired images right next to her profile. I promptly cut them each out and sent them in my Christmas cards with absolutely no explanation.

Leslie is famous for her sweater collection -- which she matches with gold lame leggings -- as well as her band, Leslie and the Lys. They're playing in Philadelphia this November, and I'm tempted to take the Path train down there.

Why do I love Leslie so? I don't know if her get-up is an act or the real thing, but there's something refreshing about someone who let's It all hang out. And by It, I mean pounds of flesh.

Also, I kinda dig her gold lamé chevron sweater.

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