Tuesday, September 25, 2007

My New Jeans?

I've been toying for months with the idea of buying new jeans. I want super high rise skinnies. Right now, the trend is super high rise flares. For me, the return of the wide leg jeans is just a hiccup. We've been wearing boot cut/flares for over ten years. In about another five, they'll be looked upon as if they are as terrifying as those acid wash French cuffs from the early '90s (which are now, I remind you, experiencing a fair comeback).

But I digress -- the Bardot's from J. Brand have a nice high rise and a skinny -- but too skinny -- leg. I wasn't incredibly happy with my last pair of J's, but I might give these a chance. Plus, they're named Bardot -- and who's sexier than Bridget?

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