Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Fashion Week Wrap Up

I'll admit it. I don't exactly "get" MJ's show yet, but I'm letting it marinate. Lord knows, he's never gone wrong before.

Best Trend: Dove grey mixed with pastels. MJ did this last Spring (see what I mean??) but it was everywhere this year. And I love it. Best interpretations? Ralph Lauren and Jeremy Laing (my favorite show this year).

Glad to see: The blazer is really, truly back.

Best newcomer: Elise Overland. Went to the show last night (spotted Plum Sykes!) and was very, very impressed. Her palette of tan, nude, mauve and royal purple -- with occasional copper accents -- was stunning. The show had a sexy, cool and -- at sometimes -- pristine vibe:

Sexy -- Off the should mauve satin blouse
Cool -- Nude Shift with Kim Gordon's surgeon-masked face painted on the front
Pristine -- Royal purple high-waisted skirt (I want!)

Biggest Disappointment: 3.1 Phillip Lim. Still my pick for the CFDA, though. There were pieces I will definitely wear, the collection in its entirety just wasn't as fluid as Fall.

Best Party: Is yet to come?

What I'm Really Excited For: Writing a post that isn't about fashion week. But it had to be done, people.

Shown: A new look from BOY. Bound to be my new look.

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