Friday, September 14, 2007

For Me, Fashion Isn't All About Consumption

I'm doing an accessories piece for work, scouring the web for "Future Classics." The pieces I personally love are a little more of-the-moment, like these YSL wooden heel oxfords. They would look incredible with a pair of stirrupped leggings.

This is where practically trumps fantasy. Although they're beautiful, these shoes are totally out of my price range, and, more importantly, I can't walk in heels more than two inches. Even if I could afford ten pair, purchasing these stunners wouldn't be worth it, unless I was planning on displaying them atop an end table.

So, maybe I am obsessed with fashion, but that doesn't mean I'm overly materialistic. I appreciate nice things, but I also appreciate useful things. Reveling in the beauty of form is what really gets me going.

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